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CarLink Mobile

Arm/Disarm - Lock/Unlock - Remote Start from Anywhere in the World!

System Features:
Unlimited Range
Ultimate Mobile USer Interface from your Smartphone
Lock & Unlock Doors*
Car Finder Feature
Remote Start your Vehicle*
Addtional Aux. Outputs

*Users must have a cell phone that supports this device and Aftermarket Alarm System or Remote Start System

Mobiletrace GPS Vehicle Tracking and Theft Recovery System

An auto theft occurs about every 26 seconds in the United States, could you become a victim? The answer is yes, so when it is time to protect your car - and its contents - Protect your vehicle with Mobiletrace, the premier GPS tracking solution for stolen vehicle recovery and early theft detection and notification.

With Mobiletrace, you can track your vehicles location,speed and direction throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. In addition,the Mobiletrace Early Theft Alert service warns you if your car is moved without your authorization.

Mobiltrace integrates state-of-the-art global positioning satellites, advanced wireless technology, the Web and 24/7/365 live call center to help find your stolen vehicle and work with police to assit in its recovery.


Your Complete GPS Vehicle Tracking & Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solution

  • Nationwide GPS Tracking & Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Live-staffed call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Online Vehicle GPS Tracking*
  • Remote Vehicle Unlock/Remote Start*
  • Geo-Fence & Automatic Theft Notification*
  • Speed-Trap & Automatic Notification
  • Curfew Scheduling & Notification
  • Real-time GPS Tracking & Police Assisted Theft Recovery
  • Transferable
  • Built-in Back up Battery
  • $1,000 Product Performance Guarantee

Note: To access the remote vehicle start feature, the vehicle must be equipped with a compatible aftermarket remote start system, additional parts and labor may be required. To access the remote door unlock, the vehicle must be equipped with power door locks, additional parts and labor may be required.

*Additional online locates can be purchased online at






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